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colour: cream marfil. Cast Tec offer a range of eight beautiful mantelpieces manufactured in pure Turkish limestone.

Limestone has been used in the manufacture of fireplaces for many years and tends to be shades of cream or beige and sometimes has small white markings or grains and even the occasional fossil which is considered to be part of its beauty.

Our eight limestone mantel designs have optional shelf lengths of 1350mm (53″) or 1500mm (59″) and arrive polished and sealed (as quite porous) with concealed fixing attachments.

CastTec also offer limestone back panels and hearths (with bullnose edge) for those requiring a full limestone suite.

Whilst limestone mantels are suitable to be installed with solid fuel fires (i.e. wood burning stove) it is advisable to use another material, such as black granite, for the hearth due to the lighter colour needing more maintenance.
cotswold corbel
Edwardian Corbel
flat victorian
Flat Victorian
hexham 1350
Hexham 1350
hexham 1500
Hexham 1500
cheviot corbel
Victorian Corbel
About Limestone:
Limestone is one of the most popular natural stones in the world, being used for building structures, tiling and of course fireplaces. There is evidence of limestone being used for construction purposes thousands of years ago.

The Great Pyramids of Giza, which are 4,580 years old, are made completely out of limestone as are many ancient buildings from Roman times which are still standing today.
Our limestone, often called Aegean limestone, is mined in Turkey and can be millions of years old. Being a sedimentary rock it is made up mostly of calcium carbonate in the form of calcite. Generally, it is mostly formed in warm, clear and shallow marine waters making it an organic sedimentary rock. It′s formed as a product of an accumulation of shell fragments, corals, algal and other fossilized debris. This debris is often visible to the human eye on close examination of the stone surface.
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